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Houdini-Blueprints in its core is a Houdini Scene Viewer in the browser. The idea is to be able to share concepts and ideas as small "recipes". They aren't full blown solutions or tutorials, but small recipies for solving certain problems. For beginners this is a great way to learn, for more experienced users it's a way of sharing concepts and remember workflows.
It's also meant as a web-viewer for Houdini Files. Since the Houdini Community is very open about sharing knowledge I wanted to give it a platform to be able to share concepts more easily, especially on forums.

You can share your files with a short link like

It also can be your own personal cookbook where you can save your Houdini solutions for later use.

Houdini-Blueprints is not an Asset library or a shop. It is not meant for you to brag about your extremely nerdy convoluted solution. It is not a file converter nor a way to circumenvent the SideFX-licensing rules (it doesn't work for that).

Yes, Houdini-Blueprints is completely free.

No, you can decide to keep your files non-catalogized by ticking the "private" checkbox in the Scene edit. Also we currently handpick scenes for the categories. New Scenes might show up in the "NEW" Category though.

No, this is run by me (FX TD in London). But I am in close contact with SideFX and we have a very friendly relationship.

Yes, in fact it is encouraged, since it makes it easier for users without commercial licenses to download and use the scene files.



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